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Diane’s Spring 2022 MBSR Newsletter "Ukraine"

I specialize in “transitions” or what many people experience as blocks and/or challenges in their lives. In the Chinese language, one of the words for crisis means “opportunity" and this is the way I prefer to think about transitions over the course of the lifespan.  Many of my clients have found themselves going through transitions at new stages in their lives. Although I tailor my work to the individual needs of each client, I have always been particularly sensitive to women’s and gender issues and have been strongly influenced by the work of the Relational School, Jung and Family Systems theorists. I have found that for some people, the development of stress reduction skills are a useful tool in their journey to live more in accordance with the truer, more authentic aspects of themselves.C. Jung Quote

“If I had to say what I help people to do, it is to move toward unearthing neglected parts of themselves and toward living lives of greater integrity or wholeness. Sometimes a symptom or dissatisfaction with their life will bring a person to my door and the creative process of self-discovery will help them to understand that the symptom is really a call to pay attention to their deepest, most unheeded needs. Once they are more in touch with those needs, they can make conscious choices about how they wish to live their lives.”A. Maslow Quote

For those Interested in Stress Reduction

Stress is a hallmark of contemporary life.
In addition to arising from conflicts related to not paying attention to one's inner needs, it can also result from conflicts related to undertaking too many or conflicting responsibilities in work and relationships or as a result of illness, loss, or physical pain. Often people may not even be aware of feeling stressed until it effects them physically. Although there are optimal degrees of stress which can help a person function at a higher level, too much stress can reduce a person’s satisfaction in living.

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(Although Dr. Handlin is a licensed psychologist and was the first person in NJ Certified to teach MBSR, and has a separate psychology practice, please note that MBSR is an educational course and not psychotherapy. In addition, information contained in this document is informational and not to be construed as medical advice. If you suspect you have medical issues, please pursue appropriate treatment) N.J.Lic.#3306

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